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      Imagine...You are inches away from becoming back-back Super Bowl Champions.  With the eyes of the world on you, you fight to stay fixed in the present moment...The smell of the grass...The electricity of the crowd...The satisfaction of the impending victory after decades of “mastering your craft.”  It seems with each beat of your heart, you sense opposing teams spirit “deflating.” 

     In a moment, an outcome you never expected, sucker-punches you right in your gut.  On the one yard line, inches away from scoring the go ahead touchdown against the New England Patriots, an interception is thrown, and the game is lost.  Your greatest dream of being one of the most uncommon teams in world history, is snatched right from your hands, as you watch the confetti with the New England Patriots colors, raining down upon you.  

      For me, losing Super Bowl 49 was painful.  It was agonizing trying to move past that. While it is hard for me to revisit, its also taught me something profound about loss and disappointment.  I learned that the pain in our lives is what forges grit and strength in us we otherwise would have never had! 

      In my new book “Becoming,”  I explore how a “process-based” mindset, views setbacks and hurts as something entirely different.  Instead of a life sentence to pain, it’s actually a training ground where the gift of courage and strength are established in us.  Simply put, the loss, is what propels us into our destiny, if we can create a new relationship with disappointment.  

       My question to you is this... What is your Super Bowl loss?  The disappointment which hurt so bad.  The outcome that keeps you perpetually victimized?  We all have them!  Divorce.  Addiction.  Break-ups.  Career endings.  Whatever your Super Bowl loss is, my new book, which launches October 3, will teach you how to have a new relationship with your pain, and propel you into a life worth living.  Will you join me in this life long pursuit?  Pre-Order Today and lets learn how to "Love the Process," of who we are "Becoming."

Through his own transformational journey, Clint knows how to walk in wholeness, and is passionate about getting other people there too. Clint's engaging storytelling, will help you take control of your life, and achieve the change you are hungry for.

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So many of us are carrying around hurts and disappointments.  Most of which are keeping us from experiencing the life we really want. The "Process-Based" approach I learned from the six years spent with one of the greatest coaches of all time, Pete Carroll, will teach you how to embrace all of life as a gift, and get you to where you want to go, much quicker. 

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